Sandalwood Prayer Beads
Sandalwood Prayer Beads
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Sandalwood Prayer Beads

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Japa Mala (Prayer Beads) - Sandalwood

Handmade in Nepal from Sandalwood beads.

In translation, Japa means repetitive prayer and Mala means garland. The beads are used to count repetitions of prayers, chants or mantras to aid one's focus on the meaning or sound of the mantra. One repetition is usually said for each bead while turning the bead clockwise with the thumb.

108 bead malas are generally used by the Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh traditions. The 109tth bead is the sumeru or guru bead, counting should start and end on either side of this bead. There are many styles of holding and using mala and many types of mantras, therefore individual research is recommended to find the style that best works for you!

A good mantra to get started with is Om Mandi Padme Hum which essentially stands for universal compassion.

What you get..

Includes: 1 necklace

Dimensions: approx. 8mm beads, 73cm necklace

Handmade in Nepal from real Sandalwood.