Red Tigereye Round Wand
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Red Tigereye Round Wand

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These wands have rounded ends and taper to a rounded point. Each is cut from a larger, natural stone or crystal and is truly unique. Wands are commonly used for directing energy in reflexology, massage and crystal healing.

If you want to know more..

    Red Tigereye is closely related to the well known golden coloured tigereyes. During the formation of tigereye, the bluish-gray mineral crocidolite is replaced by quartz while its fibrous structure is persevered. These newly created fibers produce the shimmering eye-like nature, known as chattoyancy. The red colour of this stone is produced when tigereye has been subjected to heat, either naturally or artificially.
    As a healing stone, in addition to the usual properties of gold tigereye, red is thought to provide motivation and stimulation.

      Dimensions: approx. 12.5cm in length

      The product you receive will not be exactly as shown because it is a natural product. There may be variations of colour or size. If you have specific concerns, please notify us when you place your order.