Chakra Tuning Fork Set
Chakra Tuning Fork Set
Chakra Tuning Fork Set
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Chakra Tuning Fork Set

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Tuning forks are precise instruments which produce notes, plus harmonics and overtones at a specific frequency. Each of the seven forks in this set are specifically tuned to one of the seven major chakras in the body. All sound frequencies and chakra names have been stamped into each fork. The heart fork is also the classic OM note. This set also includes a wood mallet to activate the forks. All items come neatly tucked into their own pocket within a velvet pouch.

Includes: set of 7 tuning forks, wood mallet, velvet pouch, information sheet

Dimensions: keys laid flat: 29 cm (w) x 45 cm (d) x 1.5 cm (h)

Made in India. 

Want to know more?

The internal and external can be brought into harmony using sound. Tuning forks create a resonance throughout our physical and emotional bodies. The notes first make contact on a spiritual and emotional level and then on a physical and mental level. They take very little effort to use. Practice different amounts of sound. For instance, using the palm of your hand will produce a softer sound than using the mallet. When playing forks, always be sure to hold the stem of the fork without coming into contact with the prongs. 

When the note of each chakra is played, the sound can be directed toward the corresponding part of the body, try visualizing the matching chakra colour while hearing the sound. Additionally, the stem of the fork can actually be placed on the corresponding part of the body or spine so that the sound is clearly felt as well as being heard. 

To enhance the experience, when two forks are struck together it creates both notes individually, however a third frequency is experienced which is derived from the difference between the two notes. This can be taken a step further by using multiple forks, creating a multitude of frequencies, harmonics and overtones. This sound immersion must be experienced to be fully understood.